communication from the artist number 1. (authorized for press and diffusion from other not authorized communication)

what you wait instead to lie and abuse down to the pages mails private devices privacy of properties of mine served by the fat idiot massive criminal (to crocified after 1 minute from doing) called merkel with his professionist tollerable as escrment in drinking water and daily committing intolerable abuses crimes on thousands of people to reach my time and my doing to abuse of it and abuse of all

called public rape of many subjects

to bomb and directly  the heavy fat dement criminal of germany and the respective toxic crazy state germany aggressive on one as on each as proved?

and on such of ignoble bastard lieing alive self described respectable of Los Angeles but doing movies from toilets and private?

how long to see and get also from the greatest  places maybe on earth you re unwelcome  shits fat bold dement germany for each?

how long to inform

there is a psychopathic in freedom but called state and the state horrid is germany harassing worldwide citizen and playing murders?


we can piss off germany state as not other with a lot of satisfaction and zero ZERO sadness.

it s also  necessary how long time idiot politician to quit “dinners”??? how you call it?



realized and authorized diffused communication and invitation from the man


                                                                                                 Sir. Riccardo Chiuzzi