Penal death of the horrid bold fat dement criminal and politician called angela merkel!!!

How can you say you don t wants to see carbonized the horrid last of Germany at this tour over old, fat and with more contradiction for respect of life and community than a cancer.

Here three banks of National property and private user property of the artist Riccardo but darkly manipulated  and abused from the oversize diarrea head politician of germany still in chair in that sort bunker populated also by thousands and million of respectable called people and owner nothing in common with that impresentable horrid handicap and criminal nation society called germany.

Here below you can finance, providing copy of receipt in the assignment of the obviously imprisonment and inevitable sort of that black horrid crazy psychopathic criminal rat in search of doing crimes (as all the psychopathic condemned to the penal death) called angela merkel.

Provide receipt publicly with modern canal or sending at


The same of Rc Photography

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