Evviva Iddio and good year.

Best wishes at all the world from the artist and from inter-national with the congratulation for any following 2017 public gun shot able to kill and eliminate the last  down fat psicopatic dement of germany called Angela Merkel criming on Riccardo and against lifes, relations and States with intolerable crimes since more than 3 years and same destiny wish for the actress Angelina Jolie of Los Angeles with burn  desire at the same time of the villa of the self-employed actress of LA with public presence  and unallowed holliwood movies supporting and financing the same horrible and intolerable crimes against Riccardo and everywhere.

– –

before the next to us February 2017, ways of transport, banks,  museums, artist doors, schools, hotels, restaurants {…}social company and privacy harassment unrespect.  .

with regards