Siria to?

Individually  we and the artist Riccardo (for each one of us)  still have to

see assigned correspondent penal death on the horrid “swiss psicopatic criminal dement”

politician of germany in freedom called Merkel tragically  offending on communities  and

suddenly see all the people informed of the intolerable activities (from couches to banks,

flights, privacy properties of nations and people) respectable occidentals.




“maybe they are listening at us”

from “and yet in so little” documentary Italy expo of 2010 focus picture realized from the artist on the intense meaning of life and establishing relation with the place the land the properties you live and the respect the activities you realize with your feeling.

maybe taking water, waiting for fish, desiring apnea or recognize a spectacle typical of a certain period of the year.

we don t know what is it.

from the same of Rc Photography

here is showed in exemplar copy the intense picture (from b side serie of the expo)  that we like.

“maybe they are listening at us” Riccardo Chiuzzi 2010 © And yet is so little