good and with value woman mean.

Isn’ t the minimun requiring the behalf from a woman in pink as in good feeling, if valid, sane, with value with reality awareness, and in participation engaged from coast relation  (on All and without exclusion, for everybody) with crimes abuses on a 24 hours timing at disposal of fingers:-


-invite the artist to get inside at her sane woman’s  domestic home window (as meaning called residency or home staying staying) and than in one concrete way call the police and effort reporting together the incredible and intolerable activities illegally and with pertinent reflecting issues when the artist and heavily also public and privates got and are getting incredible and in multitude abuses?

-from the other side provide remedies and effort with lawyers

-no? NO? she s better, valid if at principle she takes it as in participation at indecent criminal sometime for murder social illegal work? Why? horrible, who’s that?


-it s only the respective original demon there.



for example

And more exactly and in common usual way and also more concretely why Siria’s incredible firstly historically and than decisive flashing you all art work by Riccardo Chiuzzi realized of a father and son working in spectacle it is meanly exactly and as normal or usual delivered it for example in a without sense Australia location on an easy splendid beach?

when it s totally an other the fastidious value of the art work and it is usually as proudly more expensive and necessary.

But more concretely and realistically  and oppositely… why it s managed for “it doesn’ t exist” than “It s absurd” and finally something irreligious called “useful for abuses and unrespect” from a father and son picture but mostly for the own intimacy exchanging relations with father?

from war realized.



The same of Rc Photographer