Our artist is more than pure and they are innocents, You maybe there no.

You don t dream it and have historical reason and also necessity Italy? No?

how long and when starting to kill and put restrictions to the (in race horrids) modern germans organizing mundial tragedies and deseases?

From army flights and maybe also from on line realized crimes?

state of speaking with ostriches or as ostriches in dreams?

Are germans searching  running anywhere  for art or for any clever in mind?

Where does it typical the germany state taste or can taste sane except and better than germany doesn t exist anymore.

I also with respect can t see where can in that brilliant fat oversize the generality  find respect and honestly how much they gained respect and why  in the entire century.

Ready for the show?

Maybe better speaking of Africa Italia?

how can you say I don t know?


And sorry for the clearance but also asking at today how many horrids germans alive are there working against possible present?

Ready for the show occidentals it s clear it doesn t move the moon and it’s not confusing my asking!


“From writing you should know of our artist called Riccardo from recent meeting in the North of India”.


Next picture updating on the 3/3/17

From the same of RC photography