From documentary of Marocco “morse signals, signals.” also called “nine”

“Morse signals, signals.” also called “nine” Realized in parallel from our artist is what s going on activity from the several noticed in view from our artist as for the bold in power child in the picture incredibly in possess power of the gate with ships traffics and works moving not here noticed.

Whatever you want or not it is served power at his legs to remain as from the sitting in an airplane and in views of what he can reach from us or not what is authorized or cannot be for all and for his own growing wished wonderful life as for all the other connected.

You can gain an exemplary copy of the picture before to see it in dirrent place here if you want!

Here is “nine” “morse signals, signals!” in view for you.

Contacting Sir Aman


Morse segnala, nine, Africa,.Marocco
“Morse signals, Nine” Riccardo Chiuzzi © copyright 2011