A. B – bomb germany land or/and inform. it s standing ovation war and bye bye

internationals from Colombia to actual Japanese and we desire

from religion, intimacy, privacy, empathy and confidence

from technologies

from socials 24h home sleeping of our respective lifes

from cultures, there are communities popoli with a lot and respectable and heavy culture

from transports,

from army and war

from families, beds

from finance of  bank until common desire and ambitions

from health services

from traffic

from art and the together necessity to put  light in  dark and insensitive places

from communication in the protection of the  lucid  transparent  and clear meaning of languages of words and what their existence and important, untouchable and indiscussable meaning  refer to.

to do and to reduce the horrid and dominated by rats (the horrid and ignorant  germans people) land of Germany until a desert.

why not?