really italian day of freedom 25?

“how long to bomb on  germany that trasparent dements under a fat for our nationals freedom”?

in germany after beethoven??? what else?

how many dieing cause still respected the horrids popolo alive (under the sun) of germany on earth?

and how many in danger for not burn before  under light the endemic horrid and only vomitable people of germany under that fat. 20 years? (more psychopathic of every definition of psychopathic)

Italy when you want respect and pro revenge against and pro killing the transparent horrid gypsy popolo called  germans. and no other

how many dieing?

who are at today the annoying alive for  global problems and gypsy worms popolo of horrid on world earth at today if not the alive germans? answer! publicly!!

sai cosa vuol dire grassa merda di cane psicopatica 9on una parola angela merkel  o ti serve il dizionario e Chiuzzi che tio indica la quella  vegeta grassa merda di berlino?