Demand why?

gain time!! gain past!! let s be clear!  let s kill  and soon “it s clear” the horrid psychopathic criminal merkel angela

-it s iper-untra-died politician (for logic and from each laws), mega insane viral psychopathic  filo-nazi criminal infectiv subject  the discovered and horrid danger fat angela merkel!!!

what to wait for globally shock and shot in front head on  social wall (easy informing). oh i don t know it?

merkel isn t enourmous and perfect personification of horrid psychopathic alive dement harassing citizen from satellite?

-against social banks, all basic and important international laws,  services and worldwidely and since 5 years on the artist included crashes flights, we easly want died and only angela merkel and the germany rats state an no other.

shot from crimes  mitra raffica on the fat soon after a pronounced and abused word in the world from social get out.

(inform of the living  for murders and massive crimes the  heavy psychopatic  horrid and since quite 2o years the policitian of germany is)

let s kill the following fat after a word pronouced.


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from the same of Rc Photography

do you want the picture?

beginning work of Riccardo Chiuzzi  2017 “and you get it” on the incredible psychopathic and alive horrid intolerable criminal of germany.



Riccardo Chiuzzi 2017 © “and you get it”