maybe in 7 days

so isn’ t it especially without the  legs (at minimum)  that we want in view and (with news updates from doing abuses) the criminals fat  politicians and germans popolo instead of us and everybody for crimes on all? no?

Instead is clear. 

and in general is it enough from well connected respectable the term of expiring and finish in 7 days and force to pay the occidentals people from visible absense of respect with signed intrusion damages at places with domestic, cultural, private ad gravity value over countries and on populi with brilliant images uses abuses.

pay fastly and directly (from used places of interest, people, properties)

  1. him Riccardo,
  2. Nepal,
  3. North India Panjab probably

we dont t know response of nations of Iran, Thailand probably Myanmar, Malaysya, Switzerland and China equally visible of foreign political activities abuses damages associated and organized with strategy by the discovered and suffering of west.

from that without sense idiot occidental society together dominated by illegal activities damaging for strategy against and with wish to get close of him at first.

where to nationally pay him