Want to buy?

Only easy pictures works from documentary

For blinds maybe!!

Are you so fanatic to buy or clever to buy exemplar copy reproduction of images from our artist Riccardo?

Or you want an ice cream at chocolate?

Great from your activities try to find courage to enquiry your survival messages to clearly thanks pay as you common do and obtain a couple of exemplars copy as you are able to do possible realizing it

Provide all infringments and contact here, write email at


sir. Reag

P.s. It will follow and visualized some special works ((very expensive) of our solar genius and incredible artist not included out not part of any documentary in the beginning of new month.

p.s. from happening incidents around the world and,  And but all motivated by a motivated and  pure hate on the horrid popolo called germans alive young dements nation of europe making damages the artist will be the proudest to assist each time get politically or not, not less of 100 killed pale germans (from subways or flights) with special works.

it s not only looking at facts, here the pictures and from different land.