And here incredible follow, you want to question, read, know more or easy enjoy better with master “sand” than called “Syria” also this obvious from the highest artist Riccardo realized





And here we are and entirely whatever big or less is the high altitude  in your respective life you possess the mentioned master appeared for the first way in the more than strange and historic problematic place called Germany.

The here visualized master got published “sand” than Syria renamed for the decisive important contribute in society’s relations and in the international worldwide critical time and heavy time of 2013 while along Syria divisions and unsupport was already there.

This big contribute arrived in one side from the magnificence and importance of the picture (while the ex nominated president of Usa got involved in special view of it) in the official obtaining nd resolving private and critical international tensions (it was interested involved China in relation with Syria) with unsaid enormous joy for all the popoli in the obtained worldwide quite relations and reached peace but and from other side and suddenly following with horribles and criminal activities damaging against the artist and everybody from the in panic fat psychopathic leader of germany and the germans, modern quite and musical nation superficially but looking deeply instead and in true a place dominated in his internal of strange without sense illogical and nonsensitive issues from their own internal socials problems and acts often called threats other totally damaging in communities and nations from an original  nice than critical surface and public image given in show in the last time (maybe from the 90s) at everybody.

Mostly the relations we remarked regarding germany that we noticed and are accounted in numbers from a still psychopathic unmoved community society compared with others and still with a financed not tolerable psychopathic for leader (only there) discovered again on the false lane of the second world war that forced the artist after coming under more than appreciable worldwide lights of various cultures, societies and what we want (connected for Africa cleaning rivers also from totally wrong politicians is no democrat?) and interest from other countries and obvious attentions from the art regarding it.

The facts followed for the contribute to decide to leave and this not empty if international human right action and issue realized against that crazy called state territory with a psychopathic leader called and known as germany but paradoxically with consequent damaging following against him and against public private places of nations and people without any institutional respect intervent and protection from the realized panic war in Syria (from wrong work of germany state caused) to the direct national homeland abuses in the visits realizing from the delighting more than respectable and decisive and several times object of politic fanaticism man, artist and photographer Riccardo.

However here the master here right the work, and whatever reduced in small dimension (only below) able to let you image on scale.

What you see in it?

However and from a right and pertinent inside it s reductive to call it work if and when can bring you in own private side and so wonderfully and in your own with an overall of your life in lighting if you want.

When you desire from your taking leaving time it s in view with special clarifying on the master of our artist and called before Sand than Syria probably the way you ll may look at it with a great wonderful eye.


                     the price has been established for the eventual new connected and at disposal in the amount of 1.000.000 Euro and it can be provided at only one authorized in one original for the management of any various eventual underbooking.

The quite so long unchanged price (before 800.000 euro and here until october 2016  visualized with many others ) is decided in reason and consideration for and of the deviated respect obtained when directing and informing of the masterpiece presence and view at important connected in the exact time of past decision of taking Army  from the occidental USA and the oriental China along  Middle East disorder and tensions in 2013 caused by Syria controversies covered by silence.