Out, as looking at you and from culture the master “the white bird”

fdf copy.jpg

Amazing? No, probably, i don t know…

Do you know what is a master?

do not add a word?

Maybe you are not able to see and recognize the magnificence the majestic of the world and the incredible capacity of our artist in this art work?

And first of all

Are you able to respect what s super?

And everywhere.

or does it disturb you and it s better you leave it?


you want it? His name is “white bird”

here you can order buy* the art manifactured and get a reduced exemplar copy far from the original for dimension (it s also analogic) if you are an not already in a black list of inter nationals


Sir Aman


or contacting writing by email at


from some magic words regarding the art of Riccardo and the same of Rc Photography


*It can be provided a small and reduced copy for commerce from the original realized and authorized for print and on sell in a reduced number.