easy shoes #8

easy shoes furnished for market, ideal for many purposes expecially for activities as small gym and yoga, sleeping all what you want but not exactly the kind of shoes ideal for football.

you can sit, ask  demand more kind various information.

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or try from reported crimes in privates coming against all general support

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from opera in opera

while the Africa “And yet in so little”  Riccardo’s documentary was improving  for social opportunities bigger


here is one of the work around 2010 realized from the artist Riccardo  by media and in general black sides discussed and abused attacked (they don t have heavy problems and mind diseases?) but white clear eclipsing especially the crazy epilettic germans popolo and the politicians for embarrassing and dangerous modern criminal and mostly ignorant idiots for contributes here is the realized art work for the artist musician Klas Gullbrand from Sweden (popular for playing in Lykke Li main group)  after 2010 Africa and for video single promotion “Under attack”.


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klas gullbrand
Riccardo Chiuzzi ©2010 klas gullbrand


“River”  documentary realized from the incredible artist photographer  in 2006 noticing and reporting condition of the visual  public place in nature and our rich property in this case the river with our staff  and the  common condition.


fashion where are you finished?

are you, we ready to bring back what s really important for us?

Connected  with our supporters and companies, and against “fraud property”

in which kind of trash  do you recognize animals, politician?


words from the documentary © 2006 realized by Riccardo Chiuzzi with “EcoEnvironmental professional studio http://www.tassisto.it remarked by raitre (italian tv). follow exemplar picture  from documeny of “the river”


ENTELLA (33).jpg
Riccardo Chiuzzi © from “river”  documentary 2006


Oh studies development from satellite for climate  change?
Really Oh?

About daily doing crimes and abuse on people?

Where? Who? How cannot say and lie the real doing tragedies of both wished killed here and from all.

“This not a loop yet”  picture work with the several times politician angela merkel police reported included at ECHR  in 2013

the amazing and  public present under piss angela merkel


“What you want from it?” The intolerable actress but in real enormous criminal called angelina jolie voight swimming in her pertinent mediterraneo from police reports cause communities and over Riccardo abuses.

the clear present and authentic under piss angelina jolie voight


The two works of Riccardo Chiuzzi art work  about, on and regarding after noticed their existente for frauds, for violence, for social abuses with proves against any logical reason to stay as politicians as actress and anywhere.

Regarding the two notorious as popular subjects with their pertinent sharable place.

Both heavy psychopathic and social christian, artistic and social excrements alive.

Jolie Voight deviated autistic criminal subject in clothes of actress superficially supporter from initial and of alibi initiatives with ngo until and in concrete doing movies for finance support tragedies in center Europe (pretty visible) and improve cancers from socials as facebook and modern tecnologies over the artist and against each responsible communities suddenly and heavily after she got discovered and police reported.

Angela Merkel unexistence of anything respectable for being a politician and more deeply the heavy massive intolerable pycophatic surprised between people for tragedies blood satisfaction and incredible untollerably covered while doing infringements of respectable value, individuals, communities, system, banks, projects and human relations.

In short words the biggest degenerative psycotathic idiot criminal politician (merkel) and false in alibi actress (jolie) in freedom around richness and greatness obviously desired killed in penal electric chair by everybody informed.

waiting obvious and massive states military attack over germany

Discover the psychopathica and waiting obvious massive military attack on germany

From also what was for example  politic harassment of soffocating landing flights on chandigarh airport

Try to answer

What does it mean for you top floor?

-Historic organized support in line to provide protection at the included

-the most important way to reach the best connection for our trasporting beloved and in general with the universal

-only an instrument of possess but usefull for realize harrass to the various internal without distiction of treatment

from still here against lifes the best present for all is still to see millions of the idiots and rats called germans people murdered like they did in the second war. do you really confuse words? or that’ s just the general need?

from the horrids harassing and daily, the greatness, fashion, the  greatest places and full for against the facts, against everybody and agaisnt  the


how long to see murdered for opposite and instead of them  and but IN COLOUR the still alive and only the heavy psychopathic rats germans popolo? from feeling their drunk idiot brain beer smiling and breathing in privacies and doing crimes sometimes murders.

good sense and Saints same of Riccardo and clear says that for how much germans people and popolo are the only and the permanent unsense wrong drastic disgousting wrong abusive and embarrassing nasty wrong in global society alive  for action and activity feeling say the unrich germans idiots peoplespopolo should get appreciated all murdered and  burned without even to touch them and with obvious incredible joy of Jews and the entire world communities. Casually?

listening  at present and at present activites

Africa, Togo.

from “and jet in so little” 2010 © Riccardo Chiuzzi

first documentary cover from  “and yet in so little” of Africa completed  by our artist Riccardo Chiuzzi in 2010.

exposition of art pictures  in and with partner collaboration of selling manufactured products typical of Africa from lamps to batik and typical product of the Land.

from many interviews requests mostly denied along that time of expo and from an interview speaking taken at the artist

“its easy arrived the time with the common knowledge that we want and we must desecrate and denigrate from Africa as from the modern times and daily  the politicians and their daily continuous political position”


do you see any school?

we wait for the next.


Here Alexandria writing this for the artist with


vox populi vox dei