Pictures in display tv from real river expo here with animals made by the artist.

Why do you stay to look at tv and incredible at a social as facebook if you are paid for provide (urgently considered how climate change move) a better society?

Follow pictures displayed in monitor below about real phenomenons and real conditions of rivers from the quite old documentary expo realized by artist Riccardo on rivers in 2006 with specialized with the italian Studio in environment Studio Tassisto.

Here from the hand of the artist arrive to you 5 copy art works pictures of the artist and at disposal if you want to buy a reduced one.

Have you found the animal there?  Do you like in general? Which you prefer?

Apply to have your special art work from here visualized.  You want?

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*Try to write at but there are still controversial clear admonished unwatchable nominated idiots criminals politicians behind pictures for obtain the freedom to survive for make dirty work in nature when are only desired recovered out of all easy cause health will improve for all. 








You don’ t want it? here if you want to buy this is “extraterrestre” picture art work of the artist. no? You don’t want? why?

Riccardo Chiuzzi © “The extraterrestre” 2016 Myanmar


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Do you want inquiry for proceed against the horrid expeccially from Europe and from germany organized for play damages from and against properties and privacies?

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Sir Aman


Understand? speak about, understand well than there or not?

Oh studies development from satellite for climate  change?
Really Oh?

About daily doing crimes and abuse on people?

Where? Who? How can you don t say a word and lie about the real doing tragedies of the both discovered psychopathic (why not soon in panic just with an all informing?) and intolerably in freedom obvious wished imprisoned and fastly killed on the chair here and there and from all, present and without any doubt?!

“This not a loop yet”  picture work with the several times politician angela merkel police reported included at ECHR  in 2013

the amazing and  public present under piss angela merkel


“What you want from it?” The intolerable actress but in real enormous criminal called angelina jolie voight swimming in her pertinent mediterraneo from police reports cause communities and over Riccardo abuses.

the clear present and authentic under piss angelina jolie voight


The two works of Riccardo Chiuzzi art work  about, on and regarding after noticed their existente for frauds, for violence, for social abuses with proves against any logical reason to stay as politicians as actress and anywhere.

Regarding the two notorious as popular subjects with their pertinent sharable place.

Both heavy psychopathic and social christian, artistic and social excrements alive.

Jolie Voight deviated autistic criminal subject in clothes of actress superficially supporter from initial and of alibi initiatives with ngo until and in concrete doing movies for finance support tragedies in center Europe (pretty visible) and improve cancers from socials as facebook and modern tecnologies over the artist and against each responsible communities suddenly and heavily after she got discovered and police reported.

Angela Merkel unexistence of anything respectable for being a politician and more deeply the heavy massive intolerable pycophatic surprised between people for tragedies blood satisfaction and incredible untollerably covered while doing infringements of respectable value, individuals, communities, system, banks, projects and human relations.

In short words the biggest degenerative psycotathic idiot criminal politician (merkel) and false in alibi actress (jolie) in freedom around richness and greatness obviously desired killed in penal electric chair by everybody informed.

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have you ever seen what does it mean to be one of us?
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what you obtain from a good work if you don ‘t  want to buy it?

In advance you can see two never showed before master regarding children from Riccardo Chiuzzi © 2017 artist magic and incredible hands.

you cannot have  half of the wok from here if you work without respect for the artist.

how is possible arrive to obtain for work one photo picture of “And yet in so little”?

So many photos art work regarding Togo expo Arica of the artist. Here a general view of two already used work in exposition.

the female from network and the following between people in expo advertising realizing of the documentary of Togo.

one is special and is more us.

the other you ll come to see and maybe participate in someway.

but honestly, celebrities in modern society…?

for ask more you can inquiry copy ask at



“Find no brother” for the new year in research.

this is the special art work in presenting of the realizing special  coming documentary of our artist that received more than annoying from politician and media idiots pluri police reported with an involved unlighted psychopathic politician of germany with italians of actual society and american with problems.

it s more than annoying cause many art works realized got stolen for unknown purposes direct from his privacy from place and devices of working on and preparing specials similar.

do you want to know something more regarding this special following?

it s called Anandpur.

just from silent providing inquiry and speak  and demand if you want to know more

and inquiry we are collecting for that  unwanted crimes.



it follows “Anandpur” Riccardo Chiuzzi © 2016 with details of

"Anandpur" Riccardo Chiuzzi © 2016
“Anandpur” art work Riccardo Chiuzzi © 2016

In sense from activities supported and crimes until India here It s to live without brother the dream reaching of the still alive without a reason politic media American Italian and how many else hand in hand with the infecting air, people for profession and doing it without any valorous respectable honest place for future to stay in their own.

Why with Italians followed germans and than with american original unbeautiful activites in action the stealing of Riccardo Chiuzzi art works on 2016. You know that?

With Anandpur Sahib holy place in 2017 at Riccardo art documentary preparation working on India got stolen and happened abuses of different art works and the object of stealing activities against him in preparation of new documentary direct came with astronomic satellite tecnologies for commit crimes from discovered against  world common and holy society and against him and coming arrived from Germany,

          you don’t t know that offences arrived with the not respecting of all and of everybody and the repetitive supported crimes against holy arrived from and with the gravity idiots  arrived at book of history and more than popular unsaid and intolerable contemporary italians actual subjetcs instead to say a word regarding crimes in intolerable presence for support world tragedies and private abuses at Riccardo from politic and media positions where they are incredibly still kept alive in freedom pretending this crimes support for work against him (from neglected and police inquiredfor abuses an crimes of very various nature) at cost to abuse and  stay in silence on him from the month after Africa expo of 2010?

And with italians why this crimes that are causing losts in generals at what has modern quality and capacity but that here regarding Anandpur Sahib caused losts of the best works to him with offended unpaid and stolen art works caused from the abusing or supporting  abuses people without life under the grounds arrived  not only from the big idiots  italians but with the involved  intollerable very original USA americans of shows and media and devices and network systems daily or often calling reaching each people from doing and realized  crimes to him with their lying idiot promoting  faces tv saying “we give to you the news today” or “this is my last movie of holliwood” from certain invitation to speak.






it s about to finance and maybe provide at Riccardo and not to abuse of him

it s about to finance Riccardo not to abuse of him, success, glory, nobels and respectable clever lifes from the actual harassing trying to reach him.


here what you have to pay if you are incorrect as it has been clear visualized and inquired. Have you ever said sorry  to him as to democracy?

And from materials decide your amount*!

*do it with visible copy of receipt of sent    





Make the pleasure to pay him from lying and disgusting for kill under Usa security that saying it clearly it means you must to pay him from abusing when neglected  in different more than respectable places and with people under abuses in variuous.

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