“Understand?” Just share it! And no dement abuses and with use of video of individual, of sacral and of thousands of thousands! Why?

You humans had dipped with violence and often in shows the incredible Jesus in the piss for vernissage with the artist Andres Serrano called it art but you don ‘t kick the incredible horrible wrong and fat of 1 meter and half of natural and evident phisical dissents and mental deseases here and for all desired only from penal death sentence for general and individual abuses steals and violence realized against the majestry artist Riccardo and for the society harassed committing murders, human traffic,  child and women abuses, internal frauds… how many heavy intolerable crimes?

you don t want instead of that Jesus realized and for satisfy all stomaches included satisfying the artist the bigger picture witn the horrible wrong alive politician of germany angela merkel burned for all the people in that proper exciting lake of piss or even bigger and shared and for expo and daily sharing with near law proceed and police inquiries on her head?

The realized and the established 2 picture work from the artist and for big scale humiliating and for humilitate under people piss and here following in show, have submissed in pool of piss and showing the truly horrible angela merkel and the other connected for crimes abuses for interest and truly socially horrible too and not tolerable known angelina jolie voight.


Here to see following the proper actual pictures in show.

“This not a loop yet”  picture work with the several times politician angela merkel police reported included at ECHR  in 2013

the in political power and amazing public present idiot, wrong of hamburg dipped under piss angela merkel


“What you want from it?” The intolerable actress but in real enormous criminal called angelina jolie voight swimming in her pertinent mediterraneo from police reports cause communities and over Riccardo abuses.

the clear present and authentic wrong of Holliwood pertinently dipped under piss angelina jolie voight


The two works of Riccardo Chiuzzi art work  about, on and regarding after noticed their existente for frauds, for violence, for social abuses with proves against any logical reason to stay as politicians as actress and anywhere.

Regarding the two notorious as popular subjects with their pertinent sharable place.

Both heavy psychopathic and social christian, artistic and social excrements in freedom.

Jolie Voight deviated autistic criminal subject in clothes of actress superficially supporter from initial and of alibi initiatives with ngo until and in concrete doing movies for finance support tragedies in center Europe (pretty visible) and improve cancers from socials as facebook and modern tecnologies over the artist and against each responsible communities suddenly and heavily after she got discovered and police reported.

Angela Merkel unexistence of anything respectable for being a politician and more deeply the heavy massive intolerable pycophatic surprised between people for tragedies blood satisfaction and incredible untollerably covered while doing infringements of respectable value, individuals, communities, system, banks, projects and human relations.

In short words the biggest degenerative psycotathic idiot criminal politician (merkel) and false in alibi actress (jolie) in freedom around richness and greatness obviously desired killed in penal electric chair by everybody informed.




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it s amazing India and the Pepsi is perfect.

Supporting works from our artist funny clear joking online in the promotion of nice mixtures together of two sides of the world between  what s superficial and instead what s goin on and it s critical for the best things of our society.

Really especially it s visible here  from crimes realized coming from the cousins  of Pepsi in the satisfying of society needs here is visualized a segment of possible and full promotion for all.

he s not Gene Hackman and they are Sikh people.

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from "And jet in so little"
Riccardo Chiuzzi © “and yet in so little”

first documentary cover from  “and yet in so little” of Africa completed  by our artist Riccardo Chiuzzi in 2010.

exposition of art pictures  in and with partner collaboration of selling manufactured products typical of Africa from lamps to batik and typical product of the Land.

from many interviews requests mostly denied along that time of expo and from an interview speaking taken at the artist

“its easy arrived the time with the common knowledge that we want and we must desecrate and denigrate from Africa as from the modern times and daily  the politicians and their daily continuous political position”


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vox populi vox dei



“River”  documentary realized from the incredible artist photographer  in 2006 noticing and reporting condition of the visual  public place in nature and our rich property in this case the river with our staff  and the  common condition.


fashion where are you finished?

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Connected  with our supporters and companies, and against “fraud property”

in which kind of trash  do you recognize animals, politician?


words from the documentary © 2006 realized by Riccardo Chiuzzi with “EcoEnvironmental professional studio http://www.tassisto.it remarked by raitre (italian tv). follow exemplar picture  from documeny of “the river”


ENTELLA (33).jpg
Riccardo Chiuzzi © from “river”  documentary 2006

test answer #225


for you ”the concept of justice” in the gravity wrong  insane and more than horrid state germany under the astronomic and more than horrid idiot psychopathic angela merkel what is it?

gently answer comparing with Italy and all the other countries


1– it s a good work

2– it s the processto to let may everyone see what can be done from what cannot be done

3– the worst of all the things we can have near the feet.

4– a risotto

5– Sara Sampaio







from various n. 1

you dont know that…


that from flights crashed, people 24 abused,  some genocides,

harassing stealing and tragedies  from and agaisnt the most loved Riccardo



you can t ask why are wished killed germans, and why must get killed germans


but you must and soon bomb germany ignorants and horrids rats for people land from tragedies activities against our common citizen everywhere