Here below the master “elephant”, for me, for you? Come to enjoy the master together.



From unsophisticated world and full of things nice from us and realized from the artist take place this extraordinary masterpiece from and with different miscellaneous of colours and subjects represented giving  a general view that have something of superb.

Originally called “an other piece of Idea” it got renewed to renew it “Elephant” ignoring the fact happening from the women and to better focus on bigger level and message  the deep argument and the importance of the work and the rules that take all the good things visualized  working well in nature and in general development.

Elephant is able to bring all the things here as none we like to say.

Enjoying in all the favorite capital colours decided by the photographer artist the small elegant masterpiece is desired in biggest dimension from the smaller here fine reproduced.

we would this work for every special event you not?

Look at the many paper below this is the exemplar copy of the artist Riccardo Chiuzzi called “Elephant”.

Eventually contact to get the master