From the will

How long to kill publicly and directly the living in subways horrible criminal rat called Angela Merkel!! from almost 4 years harassing with other and organizing murders and genocides from subways and against Riccardo and against innocents.

how long to publicly kill and from properties and from satellite (astronomy) the clear horrible nationally police reported Merkel (included ECHR) playing damages in position of politician?

can you make? from the will!!


the same of RC Photography


Demand why?

gain time!! gain past!! let s be clear!  let s kill  and soon “it s clear” the horrid psychopathic criminal merkel angela

-it s iper-untra-died politician (for logic and from each laws), mega insane viral psychopathic  filo-nazi criminal infectiv subject  the discovered and horrid danger fat angela merkel!!!

what to wait for globally shock and shot in front head on  social wall (easy informing). oh i don t know it?

merkel isn t enourmous and perfect personification of horrid psychopathic alive dement harassing citizen from satellite?

-against social banks, all basic and important international laws,  services and worldwidely and since 5 years on the artist included crashes flights, we easly want died and only angela merkel and the germany rats state an no other.

shot from crimes  mitra raffica on the fat soon after a pronounced and abused word in the world from social get out.

(inform of the living  for murders and massive crimes the  heavy psychopatic  horrid and since quite 2o years the policitian of germany is)

let s kill the following fat after a word pronouced.



post invitations by


from the same of Rc Photography

do you want the picture?

beginning work of Riccardo Chiuzzi  2017 “and you get it” on the incredible psychopathic and alive horrid intolerable criminal of germany.



Riccardo Chiuzzi 2017 © “and you get it”



very young! Different and one’s diamond, from various. You can buy no?

here for your keeping attention  follow

3 analogic and 3 digital from never for newspaper or privates  published a superficial vision on the exemplar copies of impossible to mix together works from more natural symbolic or advertising to other more from documentary and social works.

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River from documentary realized from the incredible artist photographer  in 2006 noticing and reporting condition of the visual  public place in nature and our rich property in this case the river with our staff  and common condition.

“fashion where are you finished?

are you, we ready to bring back what s really important for us?

Connected  with our supporters and companies, and against “fraud property”

in which kind of trash  do you recognize animals, politician?””

words from the documentary © 2006 realized by Riccardo Chiuzzi with “EcoEnvironmental professional studio http://www.tassisto.it remarked by raitre (italian tv). follow exemplar picture  from documeny of “the river”


ENTELLA (33).jpg
Riccardo Chiuzzi © from “river”  documentary 2006

With ice? Drink?

Oh studies development from satellite for climate  change?


“This not a loop yet”  picture work with the several times politician angela merkel police reported included at ECHR  in 2013

the amazing and  public present under piss angela merkel


“What you want from it?” The intolerable actress but in real enormous criminal angelina jolie voight swimming in her pertinent mediterraneo from police reports cause communities and over Riccardo abuses.

the clear present and authentic under piss angelina jolie voight


The two works of Riccardo Chiuzzi art work  about, on and regarding after noticed their existente for frauds, for violence, for social abuses with proves against any logical reason to stay as politicians as actress and anywhere.

Regarding the two notorious as popular subjects with their pertinent sharable place.

Both heavy psychopathic and social christian, artistic and social excrements alive.

Jolie Voight deviated autistic criminal subject in clothes of actress superficially supporter from initial and of alibi initiatives with ngo until and in concrete doing movies for finance support tragedies in center Europe (pretty visible) and improve cancers from socials as facebook and modern tecnologies over the artist and against each responsible communities suddenly and heavily after she got discovered and police reported.

Angela Merkel unexistence of anything respectable for being a politician and more deeply the heavy massive intolerable pycophatic surprised between people for tragedies blood satisfaction and incredible untollerably covered while doing infringements of respectable value, individuals, communities, system, banks, projects and human relations.

In short words the biggest degenerative psycotathic idiot criminal politician (merkel) and false in alibi actress (jolie) in freedom around richness and greatness obviously desired killed in penal electric chair by everybody informed.


Italians, people…..urinated????? Finished?

From the art and picture,

here below the Argentinean soubrette B. Rodriguez while supporting tragedies crimes and illegally in line with the others from cinema companies to media and politicians more or less endemic and guilty playing violence

directly visible from her bed in facebook.






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sir. Reag

P.s. It will follow and visualized some special works ((very expensive) of our solar genius and incredible artist not included out not part of any documentary in the beginning of new month.

p.s. from happening incidents around the world and,  And but all motivated by a motivated and  pure hate on the horrid popolo called germans alive young dements nation of europe making damages the artist will be the proudest to assist each time get politically or not, not less of 100 killed pale germans (from subways or flights) with special works.

it s not only looking at facts, here the pictures and from different land.





from “and jet in so little” 2012 Riccardo Chiuzzi ©

from documentary “and yet in so little” of Africa realized by the artist Riccardo Chiuzzi in 2010.

exposition of art pictures  in and with collaboration of selling manufactured products typical of Africa from lamps to batik and typical product of the Land.

“its easy arrived the time with the knowledge and that we want and we must desecrate and denigrate from Africa as from the modern times and daily  the politicians and their daily continuous political position”


david bowie? private account (abused by germans) of lloyd banks before active in and over on line banking

here below the no more respected account opened  by Riccardo  and the same of RC Photography for the refund and the receiving of money and further “eliminated” with money from the putting obstacles at life and services,  privates and private bank from the horrid and operative for frauds called germans also infective of privacies and private properties.

Suggesting obvious payment only by using other channels.

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A. B – bomb germany land or/and inform. it s standing ovation war and bye bye

internationals from Colombia to actual Japanese and we desire

from religion, intimacy, privacy, empathy and confidence

from technologies

from socials 24h home sleeping of our respective lifes

from cultures, there are communities popoli with a lot and respectable and heavy culture

from transports,

from army and war

from families, beds

from finance of  bank until common desire and ambitions

from health services

from traffic

from art and the together necessity to put  light in  dark and insensitive places

from communication in the protection of the  lucid  transparent  and clear meaning of languages of words and what their existence and important, untouchable and indiscussable meaning  refer to.

to do and to reduce the horrid and dominated by rats (the horrid and ignorant  germans people) land of Germany until a desert.

why not?


what does it mean to be fanatic?!


Can you see Yes picture art work of our artist big?

The art work realized in 2006 called “Yes” of our specialized majestic artist (that can be

only invited without compliments) for the first time publicly in view from the web is

majestic represented also in his special and incredible art work picture.

Viewing “Yes”!! and recognizing

how many times would you like notify in how many  views it make you able to

see the world around connecting it with what s happening also in daily life what s

majestically represented from the artist in easy (art or photo) way here?

Expecting something?

would n’ t you like also a have copy of this in your house? or it will arrive problems finding

way that this is too much personal?


here the teacher artist in the master realized on 2006 called ‘Yes’ Riccardo Chiuzzi ©

have a view!

from video you can have your copy contacting

Sir Aman Singh of Amristar


or writing email at


this is art work “Yes” desire it in bigger view?

“Yes”, Riccardo Chiuzzi  2006 ©




From documentary of Marocco “morse signals, signals.” also called “nine”

“Morse signals, signals.” also called “nine” Realized in parallel from our artist is what s going on activity from the several noticed in view from our artist as for the bold in power child in the picture incredibly in possess power of the gate with ships traffics and works moving not here noticed.

Whatever you want or not it is served power at his legs to remain as from the sitting in an airplane and in views of what he can reach from us or not what is authorized or cannot be for all and for his own growing wished wonderful life as for all the other connected.

You can gain an exemplary copy of the picture before to see it in dirrent place here if you want!

Here is “nine” “morse signals, signals!” in view for you.

Contacting Sir Aman


Morse segnala, nine, Africa,.Marocco
“Morse signals, Nine” Riccardo Chiuzzi © copyright 2011

They are innocents, You maybe no

You don t dream it and have historical reason and also necessity Italy? No?

how long and when starting to kill the (in race horrids) modern germans organizing mundial tragedies and deseases.

From army flights and maybe also from on line?

Speaking with ostriches or as ostriches in dreams?

Are searching  running anywhere  for art or for any clever in mind?

Where does it typical the germany state taste or can taste sane except and better than germany doesn t exist anymore.

I also with respect can t see where can in that brilliant fat oversize you find respect and honestly how much they gained respect and why  in the entire century.

Ready for the show?

Maybe better speaking of Africa Italia?

how can you say I don t know?


And sorry for the clearence but asking At today how many horrids alive are there?

Ready for the show occidentals it sclear it doesn t move the moon and it’s not confusing my asking!


“From writing you should know of our artist called Riccardo from recent meeting in the North of India”.

Next picture updating on the 3/3/17

From the same of RC photography







and condamn to death and publicly the horrid dog’s shit called merkel (political what) or/and the other called jolie voight (actress where) in for from daily acts massive human crimes

ssign when “giro di boa” on the lake or “turn the plate” that s everybody sane and respectably


. a romantic view of modern dreams social and bla bla bla


with (several times in national police station reported) the two indecent horrids alive as rats in soups for crimes in place antolerated an abusing of privacies and privates


-angela merkel ultra bold psycopatic criminal in action oversize overcrazy iper dement and maybe (from privacies to flight banks…people) the arrived important female version  of dog s shit of germany

-angelina jolie voight actress as drinking water making billion but in true dancing psychopathic criminal fully employed  for financing and cover crimes and cancers on communities. 

 FROM REPORTS five years crimes under the sun

publicly shocked the two both horrid about the true of what they are and defensibly organize for make crimes enjoy tragedies on 27 February around 9,30 and assign further?



why not?


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A-B inter-nationals

Answer at this easy question in society and in the modern actual world and everywhere with sane, normal people

A person  reported to police is


B)accused and required punished imprisoned and forced to pay by government institutions.

C)I don t know it s not my job.

with congratulation for the answer

here you follow and get in trust to may proceed



Are you leaving? why not? The horrid selfrecognized criminal dement of germany called merkel

Direttamente e sulla chiara pubblica riportata impressionante storta psicopatica malata mentale e nonche merda sociale in ruolo di politicante  a nome merkel (di preciso si registra grassa demente politicante di germania a nome angela merkel)

Ti fai il segno della croce in studio orrida (e travestita cristiana) e impareggiabile orrenda incivile psicopatica criminale di Germania detta merkel e ti vai ad impiccare.

A 5 anni sai cos’e’

Alla tua drastica pluriaugurata fine seguiranno miracoli.

E grazie di farlo quando vuoi ma nell’ immediato subito.

E’ un attimo

Di fatto paritariamente al precedente scoperto squallido idiota hitler sgradita lo sei sempre stata (da ognuno  e ogni presente) ma adesso piu che mai e ti disdegneranno  e con l eco e con tutta la gioia al tuo impiccarti e per ogni futuro bene mondiale

e solo citando (nell atto che devi) da tecnologie coadiuvanti gli impressionanti malati e insani reati su civili  (targa merkel) che qui di base coinvolgono tu orrenda psicopatica storica malata di mente nel sangue come sotto ogni sole

-dalla China per innumerevoli reati e inspiegato attentato pazzo psicopatico attentato fisico vedi qui in dettaglio


-Al sud America attentato aereo qui connesso con con aereo tuttora inspiegato


– Passando per  la Francia (tutela e inpressionante deviata insana organizzazione da politica targa merkel di ogni forma di reato e abuso e da ogni direzione su societa’ e su civili)

– e addirittura fino al presidente IAS Joep Lange work video con i piu alti ricercatori mondiali hiv senza via di scampo in attentato aereo che ha la demente psicopatica quale prima coinvolta nonche’ causa  terroristica politica volo malaysya 17/7/14 (vedi qui chi e’ che ha data di nascita in casa)

Inutile dire su ogni centimentro quadrato terrestre ed in storia un orrida e simile psicopatica tra le pagate politicanti non e’ abbastanza definirla vergognosa merda fisico demente e d essere priva di senso e relazione con ogni noi.

da reati in privacy italia nazioni servizi pubblici privati e recidivi atti ignobili internazionali

ti aspetta il cappio.

o vuoi spararti  orrenda merda tra la gente di germania?

or everybody in Norimberga?

from intern-nationals. and the same of Rc Photography



from past until.

Sheep is an animal that s not brilliant for initiative but for many aspect help us to survive

I don t know if you have ever seen the real colour of their skin.

From the side of living always “on the top” to survive for what they can provide we get in know that it s  from there we can obtain what s indispensable for each life.

You want discover where they are living?

Easy b side picture from documentary unpublished without reveal where is their habitat in certain places as in Africa here Morocco for survive.(without reveal their night)

Here one exemplar under the sun in Morocco  from the exhausting still unpublished documentary of the artist.


                                                                                                           the same of Rc Photography

to obtain small exemplar it s enough calling

Sir Aman Singh 00919888297064

-the next interesting gvt post is for Sunday.

Riccardo Chiuzzi © 2012 “basic sheep”

sure quite always on the line and inviting for love

how long time, when you wanna kill with somebody from middle est and hang as a pig in public and central shop square the horrid actress and horrid subject  in the result professional in the world of  criminality (instead of cinema) comfortably offending  from los angeles  angelina jolie voight actually supporting in abuse with many other with guns

or assign at the one as every correct finish request of the pluri  reported actress also for  Asia  with her (similar for the other of cinema of LA) disgustful horrid stupid and nervous rat hands and hill sick brain in abuses on popolo and privacies for finish her with any respectable of FBI or eventually realizing with any sympathetic mitra of politic of US?

law? complicated? why? there are crimes and against support society activities and privacy abuses  from social to daily  life (where is place of astronauts for science and research) from that ridiculous rich rats but criminal of LA and probably are under the sun.


the same of Rc Photography


  • next post update on saturday.

don t worry, she’ s smiling

Try to preserve attention in the soon coming time at the company of  Russian flights

company Aeroflot cause signed damages activities (noticed also in page) at a passenger’s

private devices from/and in close friendship with the artist  cause and from the already

pluri reported horrible therroristic  still unsense politician in rules and position in

Germany several times reported at police  (force of order and cleaning society from social

danger and apporting problem at civility) in complains as in reality mentioned  politician

for damages and abuses in against society with guarantee of science tecnologies from attack

at international bank transfer to social portal and different time absolutely already

remarked  for clear attacks with disaster at public recent flights Fly Dubai, Malaysya

Airlines and other in particular unkind abuses related to privacies and function of great

everywhere respected tecnologies functioning or public service honesty  mentioning:

personal compiuter, iphone, air india, the portal facebook twitter, google, yahoo and  many

other general and private  unreported abused in democracy  from the  as we said depressed

originally dement in defence of germany not yet called psicopatic criminal and

rapresentative in rules of germany still in public work assignment.


good and with value woman mean.

Isn’ t the minimun requiring the behalf from a woman in pink, if valid, sane, with value with reality awareness, and participating engaged from coast relation  (on All and without exclusion, for everybody) at crimes abuses on 24 hours at disposal of fingers:


invite the artist to get in from her sane woman’s  domestic home window (as meaning) and than in one concrete way call the police and effort reporting together the incredible and intolerable activities illegally and with issues when the artist and also public and privates got and get incredibly and in multitude abused?


no she s better, valid if at principle she takes it as in participation indecent work? Why?


it s only the original demon there.


And more exactly in usual way and concretely why Siria’s incredible flashing you picture of father and son and working exactly is usual delivered it for example in a without sense Australia location on an easy splendid beach?

But more concretely and in opposite… it does n  t exist and It s absurd and it s irreligious,



The same of Rc Photographer









Siria to?

Individually  we and the artist Riccardo (for each one of us)  still have to

see assigned correspondent penal death on the horrid “swiss psicopatic criminal dement”

politician of germany in freedom called Merkel tragically  offending on communities  and

suddenly see all the people informed of the intolerable activities (from couches to banks,

flights, privacy properties of nations and people) respectable occidentals.




“maybe they are listening at us”

from “and yet in so little” documentary Italy expo of 2010 focus picture realized from the artist on the intense meaning of life and establishing relation with the place the land the properties you live and the respect the activities you realize with your feeling.

maybe taking water, waiting for fish, desiring apnea or recognize a spectacle typical of a certain period of the year.

we don t know what is it.

from the same of Rc Photography

here is showed in exemplar copy the intense picture (from b side serie of the expo)  that we like.

“maybe they are listening at us” Riccardo Chiuzzi 2010 © And yet is so little


Evviva Iddio and good year.

Best wishes at all the world from the artist and from inter-national with the congratulation for any following 2017 public gun shot able to kill and eliminate the last  down fat psicopatic dement of germany called Angela Merkel criming on Riccardo and against lifes, relations and States with intolerable crimes since more than 3 years and same destiny wish for the actress Angelina Jolie of Los Angeles with burn  desire at the same time of the villa of the self-employed actress of LA with public presence  and unallowed holliwood movies supporting and financing the same horrible and intolerable crimes against Riccardo and everywhere.

– –

before the next to us February 2017, ways of transport, banks,  museums, artist doors, schools, hotels, restaurants {…}social company and privacy harassment unrespect.  .

with regards


to London the resolving cancer coming from deutschland.



Respectable Prime Minister of England

What about to meet together with our  artist Riccardo (maybe rich) in time that it s possible that a popular foreigner politician (maybe more) it s realizing crimes connected after having damaged bank and in/at transfers of England bank

taking an appointment with him and together there in London with the Queen Elizabeth II?


Respectable do you see problem or confusion about realizing it and to see at this inviting clear?


it will be nice to meet you.

See you.

“from our deposited writing of the artist photographer Riccardo Chiuzzi and concerning problem in effect about never invited remaining hackers between people of other nation with and against other that we may call people that we respect and we all and in general  recommend”











all together.

from basis from google, clear occidental psicopatic criminal fucking laws as the tollerated and supported the modern angelina jolie and angela merkel mind soul unable to reach “quit from privacies social and to damage it” on one on many on  community on flights should MUST  be publicly respectively condamned at penal end of life on chair, gas, siringa. do you agree?


really italian day of freedom 25?

“how long to bombon  germany that trasparent dements under a fat for our nationals freedom”?

in germany after beethoven??? what else?

how many dieing cause still respected the horrids popolo alive (under the sun) of germany on earth?

and how many in danger for not burn before  under light the endemic horrid and only vomitable people of germany under that fat. 20 years? (more psychopathic of every definition of psychopathic)

Italy when you want respect and pro revenge against and pro killing the transparent horrid gypsy popolo called  germans. and no other

how many dieing?

who are at today the annoying alive for  global problems and gypsy worms popolo of horrid on world earth at today if not the alive germans? answer! publicly!!

sai cosa vuol dire grassa merda di cane psicopatica 9on una parola angela merkel  o ti serve il dizionario e Chiuzzi che tio indica la quella  vegeta grassa merda di berlino?